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World Concrete Cooperation was established in May 2017 as a chat group in the beginning with few people where concrete product manufacturers and suppliers from different countries help each other. Cooperation grew very fast in very short time. Today it has more than 200 members over 60 different countries.The main purpose of Concrete Cooperation is sharing knowledge and skills such as concrete mixtures, mold makings, applications and members experiences in general.


Aside from sharing information among its members, this cooperation is forming strong friendships and connections all over the world. World Concrete Cooperation with the slogan “Stronger Together”; also will be the messenger of world peace under concrete topic. On this platform where language, religion and the nationalism lose their importance, "concrete" friendships will be a starting point for prospective projects.

This cooperation has no commercial anxiety and it is growing very rapidly. Membership is totally free. It is economically standing with donations and members efforts.


Our mission is to benefit the people around us and create living conditions worthy of billions of people all over the world.

Contact with us if you are a concrete lover and want to be a member of this distinguished union.



Ercan Sürenkök

Founder and Coordinator

Management Team Member

Marcus Herrfeld

Management Team Member

Giorgos Christodoulou

Members Administrator

Management Team Member

Anna Selenchik

Meetings and Workshops

Markus Wehr

Accounting and Finance

Mounir Azzi


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