2020 Russia Meeting / Workshop

Cancelled due to Corona Virus situations.

2019 Ukraine Meeting / Workshop

Workshop Programme :

Mold making basics : 3d engineering, prototyping, materials for tooling

GFRC casting basics and hints

Conctent creating for concrete business and digital representing

2018 Germany Meeting / Workshop

It is free to join our workshops if you are a member of Concrete Cooperation family.

Information about this meeting :

Workshop will be in Heilbad Heiligenstadt City , Germany. Nearest airports are in Hannover and Frankfurt.

The meeting will be happening from 15th September (Arrival) till 19th September (Departure).
We will have a workshop with GFRC and we will probably visit a UHPC ready mix manufacturer. Otera Beton also will show how to work with silicone molds.  We will make a concrete lounge chair together with Markus and Matthias. (You can see the product in their CC website page) 
You can have more information in our chat group.

2018 France Meeting

Concrete Cooperation 25th-29th April 2018 Paris Meeting and World of Concrete Exhibition Centre Visiting

2017 Lebanon Meeting / Workshop

We had great time and experience at Beirut! Hope you'll come to the next event.