FENEN studio | 返岸設計

FENEN studio was started in 2016.    We had immersed ourselves in interior design for many years, devouring reviews to learn to see the world of design from its many perspectives. We not only learned to look deeply into the balance and harmony that exists between design and the environment ,but also the link between design and local.   In 2017,we made new knobs,hooks,pots,etc. from a part of construction waste, giving the materials a new lease of life and freeing them from their subterranean fate.   This is just the first step. Our ultimate destination is to express the idea of treasuring the earth’s resources to the world ,sharing this wonderful sense of continuity and renewal.   返岸設計 based in 台灣,除了經營自有品牌「FENEN」,我們也持續提供室內設計服務,包含住宅、商業空間、辦公空間以及軟裝規劃。 Oline