Rockstone - Premium Concrete

Hassan Rauf
We are CONCRETE ... ROCKSTONE was established in 2010 by Mr. Rauf Ahmad – A civil engineer with over 35 years of experience in construction industry and concrete. Since then, ROCKSTONE has been producing innovative concrete products for all architectural and building needs. We manufacture high quality concrete products for pavements and facades. Our product range includes paving stones, cobble stones, large cladding panels, concrete pavers, concrete blocks and decorative concrete tiles.Today, we operate and supply nation-wide in Pakistan.  At ROCKSTONE we use special concrete technologies, researched and applied by foreign mix design experts. These technologies not only make our material more durable, but account for the bold look in our products. Our products have evolved from innovation and extensive technology, recognized by international research facilities. ROCKSTONE is a brand name reflecting quality and innovation. Creating innovation since 2010 Founded and lead by industry professionals State of the art production procedure and equipment Industry leading quality and specifications State of the art research and development tools Ability to produce any product with your custom design, for whatever purpose, with any shape, size, color or texture