Trinic LLC.

Bob Chatterton
Trinic was concieved from the idea that making GRC and architectural concrete should not be so complicated or secretive for that matter. In 2010 most recipies contained several admixtures and getting information on the how and why to use them seemed like a looking for a templar treasure. Couple that with the issues that liquid polymers present like pinholes, limited strength, storage and shipping concerns we set out to make the whole process easier. Then we vowed to share openly all that information. Trinic was able to be the first (and only) company to develop a all powdered admixture for GRC. We are also the only company to gain PCI approval to use our admixture in PCI approved mix designs in the last 25 years.  Trinic main mission is to help others be successful. In doing so we enjoy lives that are full as well. 
240.00 $
235.00 $
Trinic TEC-10 Admix
  • United States
  • 13.60kg
  • 31.8⨯38.0⨯31.8cm