Concrete Terrazzo T-Mark Planter In Stock New

"Terrazzo" the upcycled natural stone collection, adds new life to your home and make your room look amazing. The beautiful geometric shape, modern touch concrete planter looks great with succulents, house plants, indoor plants. Enjoy your lovable plants in this new and trendy plant pot. Green plants around you always reduce stress and increase joy in your life. Create a space you will love ..

15,00 $
Product Details 0.50 kg 11.4⨯6.8⨯12.7 cm
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Gurpreet kaur
15,00 $
  • India
  • 0.50kg
  • 11.4⨯6.8⨯12.7cm
With an artistic flair that has always shown itself in any creative outlet that I have, Eliteearth aims to craft handmade concrete planters, stationery, lamps, clocks, and t - lights. Eliteearth was a label that I started in 2017 when I couldn’t find gardening accessories to my liking. That day I decided to be the change I want to see, I started preparing to launch my own company.