Trinic Sample Kit In Stock

Our Trinic sample kit contains the ingredients to produce 25kg of GFRC or SCC at maximum dosage recomendations. The kit contains the following:


Trinic TEC-10 - 500g

Trinic Plasticiser - 125g

Trinic Stage II Accelerator/ Hardener - 500g

For further advice and support with your mix please contact us.  



Dose Trinic Tec 10 admix at 3% of the cementitious weight. If needed the dosage can be increased up to 4% of the cementitious weight. May be used in a traditional wetcast mixes at 2% of the cementitious content.


• Start with .5% of the total cementitious weight

• To make SCC wet-cast or SCC GFRC, use up to 1% of the total cementitious weight

• Do not dose over 1% of the total cementitious weight when using in conjunction with System 1 WetCast or GFRC Admix


• Recommended dosage: up to 4% of the cementitous total

• We recommend adding the Trinic Stage II Accelerator to your batch water. Stir it up so that the powder dissolves in the water. This will increase the effectiveness of the product. When adding to the dry materials, the accelerator doesn’t get dissolved completely and may cause white specs in the concrete.

Product Details 1.12 kg 18.0⨯16.0⨯18.0 cm
Shipping Details 1.50 kg 18.0⨯18.0⨯18.0 cm

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