Seal Hair Concrete Sealer - 80oz Kit (240 sqft) In Stock New

What does Seal Hair mean? It simply means Sealer or….Seal-er…or Seal-Hair! In 2019 My company WhiteStone Concrete Design applied for an architectural plumbing code listing. During the process we submitted several of the popular concrete sealers all of which failed the testing process, specifically abrasion resistance. We have spent tremendous effort on perfecting a sealer with the best performance, durability, aesthetics and simplicity.


Seal Hair is a highly cross-linked, durable surface coating with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Water based sealers are reactive and susceptible to standing water. The most common complaint in our industry is the soap bottle or coffee cup ring tattooed into the edge of your customers’ beautiful concrete sink or countertop. Second, is the weak abrasion resistance you get from water based sealers. Shelf life issues make it difficult to store and ship water-based sealers. We spend a tremendous amount of time energy and passion on our projects only to be let down by poor performing sealers. 


Seal hair is excellent choice for commercial, residential and high traffic applications. Easy to clean, stain-resistant coating with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. 

Shelf Life and Shipping Stability:

Seal Hair is a solvent-based surface coating with years of shelf life when properly stored. It is stable for winter shipping unlike popular water-based coatings. Water-based sealers have a short shelf life once blended by the manufacturer. Seal Hair is shelf stable and will arrive fresh and ready to use regardless of batch date. 

Cost and Application time:

Seal Hair is designed to reduce cost by reducing application time and reducing sealer failures on installed work. Water-based sealers are time consuming to apply. Seal Hair has a pot life of up to 2 hrs with a single application window and will save you up to 20% of you project time budget.

330,00 €
330,00 €
Product Details 5.00 kg 30.0⨯30.0⨯30.0 cm
Shipping Details 5.00 kg 30.0⨯30.0⨯30.0 cm

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