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Mark Pearce
  • Address: 94 Laird Dr. East  York, ON Canada M4G3V2
  • City: East York
  • Country: Canada
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I'm a concrete hobbyist and superfan working on pieces since 2014.  I work primarily with Buddy Rhodes' products as they widely available in Canada.  I like to spray GFRC and use SCC.  I've created 15 - 20 pieces and have included pictures of several here.  While my mold-making skills are pretty good, I'm trying to improve the quality of my cream finishes.  I've recently invested in the Rimcraft Bakhopper.    My projects have included outdoor kitchen countertops, two 500-lb firepits (one of which didn't work lol), various furniture pieces (including where I've welded the steel frames using a little arc welder), a hearth, a large planter, and some sinks.