Texturo Sculptural Decor

Serhiy Kramar/Vadim Kramar
Texturo sculptural decor ™ is a collection of wall panels for the creation of seamless sculptural compositions and unique design solutions. The collection of Texturo sculptural decor ™ is the result of a thorough study of market trends, the work of the best specialists in the field of artistic design and computer modeling. In the process of creating each individual design, modern CNC technology is used in combination with traditional manual molding, the result of which is the impeccable quality and precision of products with the effect of refinement of manual work. Using the panels Texturo sculptural decor ™ for decorating the interiors of different styles and purposes, you will provide the space with a unique color, brightness and refinement. When creating a high-quality product, special attention is given to materials. Breathe freely !!! No plastic, urea-formaldehyde and other toxic substances !!! For the production of Texturo ™ panels, only high quality gypsum is used - Modification in combination with fiberglass reinforcement. Gypsum, made specially for our order, is the perfect material for interior solutions.  This is a unique material that creates a special atmosphere and microclimate in the room, because it is known that one of the oldest building materials on Earth is a regulator of humidity in the room, sound and heat insulator, and a special production technology allows us to deprive the usual plaster of such not very good qualities fragility, porosity, excessive water absorption, etc. Our panels are characterized by high strength, and smooth, similar to the ceramic surface, completely incombustible and free from harmful substances tr. It is worth noting that products made of wood, MDF and many other materials do not meet such high criteria of environmental friendliness.