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With our DIY concrete package you can now cast a countertop of GFRC concrete yourself step by step. From concrete counter tops to wall panels to sinks, everything is possible. It is a liquid, glass-fiber reinforced concrete mix that flows level into the mold / formwork. And, thanks to the added glass fibers, steel reinforcement is no longer required!


Complete package with all pre- and finishing products for an extra tight end result.



  • Good for 1.5 m2 for 18mm thick concrete or 1m2 for 27mm thick concrete.
  • HDH SP (Superplasticizer)  
  • HDH Cure (Acrylic polymer)
  • AR glass fibres 13mm (reinforcement)
  • Black pigment to create the desired shade of grey
  • Natural impregnating agent for finishing and protecting concrete
  • Mold removal wax
  • Sandpaper
  • Kit (for the formwork)
  • Screws + bit
  • Microfibre wipes
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Expand to 3m2 by 18mm concrete with 1 basic package there
  • Add yourself: 1 bag of masonry sand 1 bag of portland cement, available in every DIY store.

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High Design Holland

Daan den Breejen
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  • 3.00kg
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High Design Holland is specialized in selling High Quality Concrete Materials throughout Europe. After years of experience in the design concrete world, we have put together a complete product range for you of high-quality products at an affordable price. We offer these products in large and small quantities and ship them at a low price.   In the webshop you will find the widest range of reinforcement fibers of Europe such as AR glass fibers, PVA fibers, steel fibers and polypropylene fibers. In addition, we offer admixtures, tools and pigments that can be used to make design concrete. We also offer complete D.I.Y. concrete packages with which you can now create your own furniture of design concrete.